About Us

Cheddarwear.com not just a brand. A lifestyle, street art is everywhere, it's part of everyday life and culture. Back in the day I always admired seeing the art of graffiti thrown up on every street corner on every clean wall, to every new train graffiti is the art for the streets some people love it some people hate them. These characters, block letters and Calligraphic swirls and bold drips inspired me to put pen to paper, too young to afford spray paint my sketchbook was my bio of artwork ink drips, thick lines, oversized sneakers with thick laces, bucket hats and folded arms. Now older and still in love with street art Cheddarwear.com was born, the concept of the brand is to inspire the youth of today to throw their masterpieces on the brand instead of the walls so most of the products bought you own a piece of art by a creative student somewhere around the world, some will be limited edition and some super rare so keep an eye out.